The United Kingdom, featured country!

Published on by Anne-Laure Janvier - updated on

In 2018, the Cheese and Dairy Products Show innovates, and put the spotlight on the United Kingdom.

If the United Kingdom is often associated to monarchy, pop-rock music, double decker red buses, tea and its famous “tea time” or even to its rain and green countryside… The country has an old cheese tradition which is still unknown.

Did you know that the United-Kingdom:

  • Have around 18 PDO and PGI cheese varieties and dairy products?
  • Produces more than 700 types of different cheese?

"It was an obvious choice for the show to choose the UK, with such a variety of cheeses undiscovered beyond its shores, as the first guest country." Céline Glineur, Director of the show.

That is how during 4 days, the Cheese and Dairy Products Show will increase its actions: presentations, alliances… But also many surprises to allow the professional visitors to get better insights from the British cheese and dairy products! 

God Save the Cheese !