¡ Viva España !

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Following on from the United Kingdom in 2018, Spain will be the focus for the sixteenth edition of the Cheese and Dairy Products Show !

So far, 46 Spanish producers and organisations have signed up to present their expertise and new products.

Although we often associate Spain with paella, churros, sangria and tortillas, it also has a well-established cheese tradition that has been enriched over the years through contact with Celtic, Roman and Arabic influences, to name but a few. Today, Spain has no fewer than 150 cheese varieties! This can be attributed in particular to the country's geographic diversity and its different climates. The cheeses are made from cow’s, ewe's and goat's milk, as well as different milk blends, according to producers' traditions.

Spain and its cheeses: a long love story…

Even as far back as the start of the seventeenth century, Miguel de Cervantes wrote about Tronchón cheese in Don Quixote:

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