Unusual Pairings

Although cheese and wine go perfectly well together, many curious people hesitate before experimenting with other cheese combos. And yet, cheese goes wonderfully with sweet dishes, fruit, honey and jam… as well as with beverages with a great deal of character, such as beer, whiskey and sake! The show was an opportunity for visitors to attend the "Unusual Pairings" workshops and experiment with new flavours.

Sakes and Cheeses 

By Maison Dassaï et Maison du Saké

Probably the best-known Japanese alcohol, sake goes extremely well with cheese. Although some might see this as inconceivable, a taste is all they’ll need to change their minds. A rice wine (not a rice alcohol), Japanese sake it is a flavour enhancer that sets cheeses off nicely. Will you try again sake with comté, beaufort or a goat’s cheese?

Coffees and Cheeses 

By Malongo

Coffee is the second most popular beverage in the world. And cheese is widely enjoyed throughout the world. Coffees and Cheeses! These two regional products which have such specific organoleptic properties are often consumed at the same time – in the morning, for brunch or after a meal. Malongo – passionate about good coffee and the desire to introduce people to this unfamiliar combination – is experimenting with coffee and cheese pairings: it wants to recommend the most
appropriate coffee to go with a favourite cheese, just in the same way as people select a wine based on the dish they are having. The show was the occasion to take part in a highly unusual tasting experience and enjoy a range of different coffees with Roquefort, Ossau-Iraty and Pont l’Evêque.

Beers and Cheeses 

By Brasseurs de France

The sheer diversity of beers makes for many possible pairings with the wide range of cheeses available. Because it does not contain tannins, beer generally goes well with the soft creamy texture of most cheeses, but this combination can fall into 3 areas: a match based on regions, the pairing of opposites or the search for similarities.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health. Enjoy in moderation.

Teas and cheeses 

By Fédération des Fromagers de France and CFPL

Sampling a cheese with tea piques one's curiosity… In actual fact, there are many occasions when teas go well with cheeses – at breakfast, at the end of a meal or even for just a break or a snack. Teas perfectly highlight the textures and aromas of most cheeses. No need to be a tea expert to enjoy it – just give in to temp-tea-tion!

Cheeses and fruit 

By Fédération des Fromagers de France and CFPL

These are simple, easy combinations to put together as a way of showcasing not just the sensorial qualities of cheeses… but also their seasonality. The sheer diversity of fresh fruit provides many a pleasure and it can be consumed at any time throughout the day, while adding a fresh touch to cheese platters and livening them up.

Cheeses and honeys 

By Fédération des Fromagers de France and CFPL

We've all appreciated that essential "goats cheese and honey" combo. But what kind of goats cheese and what kind of honey go well together? Honeys are just as varied as cheeses, with a multiplicity of different aromas, textures and colours. 

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