The winner of the Fontainebleau Competition

This new competition was created in 2016 by the French Cheesemongers Federation.

It held the 1st day of the Cheese and Dairy Products Show on the Events Stage

The entrant from the Bourgogne-Franche Comté region won both categories (traditional and extravagant recipes): Aurore Paillusson Ravaclay, Fromagerie Le Trou de Souris

Traditional recipes:

1er :  Aurore Paillusson, Le Trou de souris (Bourgogne- Franche Comté area)

2ème : Benoît Leenhardt, Fromagerie Escudier (Ile de France Area)

3ème : Arnaud Dufour, Fromage et Saveurs (Ile de France Area)

Extravagant recipes:

1er : Aurore Paillusson, Le trou de souris (Bourgogne- Franche Comté area)

2ème : Laurent Beaufort, Fromagerie de Moret (Ile de France Area)

3ème : Morgan Thirion, Fromagerie d'Auteuil (Ile de France Area)

Congratulations to the winners!