A bright future for cheese-dairy professionals in France

The Cheese and Dairy Product Show conducted a survey in June 2019 of French retailers. State of the market, what cheese people in France are eating, cheese selections available in stores…. Check the results of the survey.

A word from Claude Maret, President of the Federation of Cheeseretailers of France.

“The results of this exclusive study reassure us that our profession has a fine future. Indeed, thanks to our expertise and our knowledge of the products we sell, we are able to meet the needs of customers who are increasingly focused on quality and manufacturing methods. So, cheese retailers are open to new uses and consumer trends. The interest in foreign cheeses and the changes being made to the selections that we sell are evidence of this.”

Cheese retailers – a profession that is taking off in France!

A bright future for cheese retailers! That's what the results of this survey show – 69% of them reported stronger sales in 2018, and 77% believe that the trend will continue over the next two years!

Check the results of the survey by downloading our infography:

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