The Discovery Village

To meet budding new companies ! Here are the exhibitors of The Discovery Village 2018: 

This year, the Show featured the Discovery Village for producers who are taking part for the first time. 6 exhibitors will be grouped together in the same hall

  • Le Bois d'Amalthée – France – Stand B 027 : These producers will be proud to introduce you to their goat's cheeses and production methods that do not harm the environment and are in keeping with the seasons. All of their cheeses are made using raw milk, hand-moulded, refined on-site and turned daily. 
  • Fromages Bach – France – Stand A 028 : Located in the Sioule valley, this farm continues to refine its methods, making increasingly high-end cheeses. All of their goat's cheeses are refined on strips of spruce wood maturing boards.
  • Fierbois Tradition – France – Stand B 029 : This Tours-based company produces authentic, top-of-the-range artisan yoghurts, available in around 20 or so different flavours.
  • Laiterie Moderne – Switzerland – Stand B031 : This company selects the best PDO Freiburg Vacherin and PDO Gruyère for its dairies – two cheeses used in their fondues. It also makes Gruyère double-cream.
  • Scaglia D'oro – Italy – Stand A 032 : This company was created to produce and promote the best Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park. 
  • Audeline – France – Stand A 030 : To more effectively showcase farm-produced milk, Félix and Carine Bossut have come up with a range of ice creams made from ewe’s milk. Although initially sold to consumers directly, they subsequently focused their efforts on professional clients (restaurant owners, delicatessens, the retail sector, etc.). They produce around 50,000 L of ice cream every year in 38 different flavours.

It was a real springboard for these cheese craftsmen who were able to conduct high-quality business!

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