Coups de Coeur Competition

The Coups de Coeur Competition was launched in 2016 and rewards the best products on show based on a number of criteria, including their originality, their appearance, how they taste and their texture. This year, 56 exhibitors from 8 countries took part, entering 140 cheeses, dairy products and types of packaging. On 8 December, a judging panel was put together to test and then vote for the 10 winning products in the 2018 Coups de Coeur competition.

Gruyère PDO

Fromagerie Moléson - Stand C114

This Gruyère PDO is refined for 18 months and features a fine crust – the result of time. A cheese that is both fruity and intense – to be enjoyed with a liqueur.

Munster Farmhouse Cheese, Cheese-Maker's Selection 

Siffert Frech Affineurs - Stand D102

This Munster PDO is slowly refined over time, and so retains all its natural aromas while acquiring authentic flavours with woody hints. Beneath its yellow straw crust, this cheese is surprisingly delicate. A harmonious cheese that lingers on the palate.

La Manigodine

Joseph Paccard - Stand A98

Produced in the Manigod Valley, this farmhouse vacherin is then refined in vaulted cellars before being buried for up to 5 weeks. Manigodine is wrapped in strips of spruce wood and feels very pleasant on the palate.

Satonnay with flower petals 

Fromagerie Chevenet - Stand B078

This small fresh goat's cheese made with raw milk is wrapped in flower petals which lend it a texture that is both crunchy and creamy. Once on the palate, nutty notes are detected – a perfect balance!

Erborinato Sancarlone Caffe' in Crosta

Luigi Guffanti - Stand E39

This new kind of blue cheese is refined for at least 90 days after it has been covered with ground coffee beans, lending it a crunchy texture on the palate. This extremely gourmet cheese can even be enjoyed as a dessert!



The fine cheese Co - Stand A085

This Cheddar is made using traditional methods, refined for 14 months and can be flavoured any way you like it! Its rich, creamy and slightly acid texture make for an exceptional cheese that will surprise on the palate.

 Cashel Blue Organic

Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers et The Little Milk Co - Stand C050

Produced in Ireland, Cahsel Blue is a very creamy organic cow's milk cheese. Once on the palate, the vegetable rennet is very much in evidence and one’s taste buds will be spirited off straight to Ireland.

Prune d'Ente mi-cuite 

Mark Peyrey - Stand E106

In this revised version, the prunes are sublimated by being half-cooked. This way, they do not lose any of their soft aroma or their sweetness and firmness. This outstanding creaminess is ideal for preparing either sweet or savoury dishes.

Dried tomato petals

Marc Peyrey - Stand E106

After they've been blanched and dried, the tomato petals are mixed in with a blend of oils, fresh herbs, oregano and fresh garlic. These fresh combinations bring out all the softness and intensity of products harvested right in the middle of the season.

Camembert heater

The fine cheese Co - Stand A085

The only winner in the "small supplies and equipment" category, this porcelain Camembert heater is the perfect gift for lovers of warm Camembert… or simply as a means of enhancing the cheese once it has been served on the table.



  • Marwen Armor - Cheese retailer
    Having set up La Vache dans Vignes, a boutique for fine wines and refined cheeses, Marwen headed for Toulouse. He now divides his time between the Toulouse IFOPCA training centre and a new project, also to do with cheese. Watch this space.
  • Didier Bossu - Les Folies Fermières – Cheese retailer
    After more than 20 years spent working as sales director for a number of major groups, Didier Bossu decided to retrain and set up a shop specialised in everything to do with cheese.
  • Camille Brossard - Specialist blogger : Iconocheese
    Having discover the world of cheese-making as a cheese retailer, Camille now works for herself as a cheese and cooking writer.
  • Michel Daho - La Ferme de Passy – Cheese retailer
    Michel Daho can recite the complete list of French and European cheeses off by heart – something which his customers (to whom he gives advice depending on their wishes) appreciate enormously.
  • Jonathan Deitch - Specialist blogger : M Fromage  
    On his blog, Jonathan chronicles his discovery of the world of cheese.
  • Guillaume Dewet - Lycée Hôtelier Belliard Teacher
    Having studied at the Le Touquet catering College and after a number of jobs working for major Paris-based companies, Guillaume Dewet became a hotel and catering trainer at the Lycée Hotelier Belliard training centre.
  • Marco Lubrano
    Founder of the La Louve Cooperative (Paris’ 18 arrondissement) and member of the Board of Directors
  • Manu Gault
    Founder of the Fromaginaire Collective and member of the Ligue des Fromagers Extraordinaires (League of Extraordinary Cheese-Makers)
  • Delphine Jegou - Purchasing Manager : the Maison Plisson
    Delphine Jegou is in charge of all purchasing for the Maison Plisson, a whole new kind of concept where customers can buy all types of foodstuff.
  • Sara Lacomba - Cheese producer
    After ten years working for various media outlets, this Italian from the Apulia region decided to set up Ottanta – the first company to produce mozzarella, burrata and ricotta in Paris using fresh local milk.
  • Périco Legasse - Food critic at "Marianne"
    He is known in particular for his documentary "Ces fromages qu’on assassine” – an investigation into the difficult relationship between traditional producers and large industrial firms.
  • Claire Sicard - Specialist blogger : Les Fromages de Clairette
    Clairette shares all her enthusiasm for cheese – real, artisan cheese – on her blog!
  • As well as 3 highly-informed consumers : Yannick Bouet, Pierre-Yves Gauthier and Iza Alves.

For its second edition, the Coups de Coeur Competition was hosted at the Lycée Hotelier Belliard training centre in Paris' 18th arrondissement. In addition to learning about practical aspects of serving cheeses, pupils were able to attend a lesson on cheeses for restaurants given by Xavier Thuret, a master cheese-maker


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