Coups de Coeur Competition

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Discover 10 awarded products of the new contest created in 2016: the "Coups de Coeur" of the Cheese and Dairy Products Show!

A panel of 9 cheese experts met last 21st January during a tasting day. They have to choose their Coups de Coeur among 72 registered products from 10 countries.

Brewers Gold

The Little Milk Company - Ireland

A semi-soft rind washed cheese which is made using cow’s milk and by washing the rind in Irish beer, which gives it a relatively strong taste while ensuring that it remains creamy.

Crozier Blue

Cashel Farmhouse Cheese makers - Ireland

Produced in Ireland, Crozier Blue is a rich and very creamy sheep's milk cheese with a powerful taste, making it a rare and surprising product.

Fourme de Montbrison

Syndicat de la Fourme de Montbrison AOP - France

Fourme de Montbrison is an elegant blue cheese that strikes the perfect balance between the saltiness and acidity of traditional blues. It is a soft cheese, production of which is limited to 6 tonnes per year. 

Jerseyhoeve Schorren

Treur Cheese - Netherlands

Made in the Netherlands with 100% organic pasteurised Jersey cow's milk (milk that has different quantities of fat and proteins), this charismatic Gouda has a very distinctive creamy taste. It melts in the mouth and has a certain maturity that is very noticeable for a cheese of such a young age. 

Le P'tit Fumé

Fromagerie du Père Bafien - France

Matured and then beechwood-smoked, this goat's cheese has a distinctive smoky flavour that does not detract from the quality of the product. Once in the mouth, it melts in a very harmonious blend of aromas. 

Tomme au foin

Cave d'Affinage de Savoie - France

Produced in French area, Savoie, this tomme is matured in mountain hay which gives it a very floral flavour and a melting texture. A highly successful blend of aromas. 


Danapak Flexibles - Denmark

A range of lidding materials specially developed for easy opening and excellent resealability. The film fits directly over the A-Pet so that the product is clearly visible. The film can be resealed up to 30 times.

Danakeep 02.20

Danapak Flexibles - Denmark

Cheese paper for soft cheese. A replacement for traditional paper with a more natural-looking coex layer which makes the foodstuff in question look like a top-of-the-range item. The paper is available in different versions -depending on the cheese - and is available in a biodegradable version.

Etivaz AOP

Coopérative des producteurs de fromages d'alpages Etivaz - Switzerland

Mifroma - France

One of the most famous Alpine cow’s milk cheeses that is produced using traditional wood-fired methods. The result is an exceptional cheese with a rich and very fruity aroma which explodes in a rainbow of flavour on tasting. 

Pérail des Cabasses

Fromagerie des Cabasses - France

Made using age-old traditional methods, Pérail is produced from raw milk, moulded using a ladle and salted with dry salt. Its smooth texture is creamy – even runny – giving this charismatic cheese a certain softness. 

Who were the 9 experts?

> Camille Brossard, cheesemonger with Fromagerie Goncourt

Having studied communications, her passion for fine foods and cheese led to her retraining so as to become a dairy maker/cheesemonger. She now works at the Fromagerie Goncourt in Paris.

> Pauline Bodin – a cheese blogger!

Instead of living her dream (opening her own cheese-making facility), Pauline runs her own blog – Say Cheese – which shines a spotlight on cheeses, cheese-makers, producers, livestock farmers, etc. 

> Sara Lacomba, cheese producer

After 10 years with Radio France and other international media outlets working as International Project Coordinator, this Italian – originally from Apulia – decided to embark on the project that was going to change her life and showcase her origins. Thus it was that Ottanta was born – the first company to produce mozzarella, burrata and ricotta in Paris using fresh local milk.

> Sylvain Sendra, Michelin starred chef

Owner of “Itinéraires”, a Paris-based restaurant, Sylvain Sendra attaches a great deal of importance to cheese in catering. He has had a wooden cheese cabinet installed in his restaurant to encourage his guests to discover – or rediscover – French cheeses. 

> Périco Legasse, editor-in-chief of “Marianne” and renowned food critic. He is known in particular for his documentary "Ces fromages qu’on assassine” – an investigation into the difficult relationship between traditional producers and large industrial firms.

> Michel Fouchereau, cheesemonger and owner of the Fromagerie d’Auteuil

Voted “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (one of France's best craftsmen) in 2004, cheese played a key role throughout his childhood up until he set up his own cheese dairy in Paris where he now defends quality, traditional methods and small producers.

> Michel Daho, cheesemonger

Owner of “La Ferme de Passy”, Michel Daho can recite the complete list of French and European cheeses off by heart – something which his customers (to whom he gives advice depending on their wishes) appreciate enormously.

> Didier Bossu, trainee cheesemonger in Enghien les Bains

After more than 20 years spent working as sales director for a number of major groups, Didier Bossu decided to retrain and set up a shop (opening soon) specialised in everything to do with cheese.

> Mélissa Barris, trainee cheesemonger

Having studied communications, Mélissa retrained and joined the IFOPCA (European institute for the history and culture of food) in 2015. A training programme that gave her the opportunity to join the Vache dans Les Vignes team for the cheesemaking component.

and big thanks to Marwen Amor who help organize the competition.

He began her career as a cheesemaker with ENIL Bio in 2005. In 2008, he joined the team at Marie Quatrehomme before undertaking a series of trips all over the world to learn about cheese making cultures. Today, Marwen co-manages “La Vache dans les Vignes”, wine and cheese cellar alongside his associate Sélim Blanchard.