Coups de Coeur Competition

The Coups de Coeur Competition was launched in 2016 and rewards the best products on show based on a number of criteria, including their originality, their appearance, how they taste and their texture. This year, 79 exhibitors from 9 countries took part, entering 170 cheeses and dairy products. On 14 December, a judging panel was put together to test and then vote for the 10 winning products in the 2020 Coups de Coeur competition.

La fée sauvage

Spirit Market "Vom Chaser"

A unique creation from master cheese-maker Markus Aegerter who wanted to pay homage to his native region – Emmental – in the Swiss canton of Bern. It's a cheese made with raw milk that is then matured for 12 months in the dairy's cellar. It is refined and contains tiny salt crystals – a sheer delicacy!

Cremosito del zujar 


A “torta” type ewe’s milk cheese made using traditional methods with raw milk, vegetable rennet and salt.

La rouelle cendrée

Fromagerie Le Pic

Ash-coloured or white, this goat's milk cheese may have a hole in the middle, but it has a great deal of body. Moulded using a ladle, it is a harmonious balance of a whole range of aromas. Presented in a wooden box, it is hand-moulded and made from raw non-standardised goat’s milk, lactic ferments, rennet, salt and vegetable ash.


Caseificio Pier Luigi Rosso

Birbablu is a long-matured semi-hard cheese made from pasteurised whole cow's milk and selected moulds. It is then matured in the presence of Margot craft beer. Its grey-brown rind and its compact but creamy texture give it an extremely balanced taste with hints of butter and beer, capped with the sharp after-taste of its blue veins.

Raw-milk Coulommiers Renard Gillard

Les Fromageries de Blâmont 

Raw-milk Coulommiers is aged on a bed of straw and is created by experts who are passionate about what they do. The cheese is made exclusively with raw milk and then manually moulded using a slicer. Slowly matured to strengthen its taste, its white down rind acquires tiny reddish pigments over time. It is then hand-packaged.


Freiburger Vacherin AOP, rustic frisé moléson

Fromagerie Moléson

Freiburger Vacherin AOP is a delicious speciality with a tender core. Both solid and creamy, it is made using milk from the region’s non-silage-fed cows. It is properly matured before being uniquely refined. Uniquely refined for around 4 to 5 months, the result is an exquisitely balanced cheese that is slightly acidic, as well as being strong and creamy.

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Consorzio Virgilio

This PDO Parmesan is made using traditional methods, passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally made in the Province of Mantua and matured for 24 months, it has a strong, high-flavour taste.

Queso Silva Cordero 

Quesos de Acehuche

This is a cheese made from raw goat's milk using traditional methods and then matured with a selection of moulds. White and soft, it is slightly spicy to the taste.

Margot cuore di birra

Caseificio Pier Luigi Rosso

Margot Cuore di Birra is made from cow's milk and a selection of added moulds. It is then matured in the presence of Margot beer. Depending on how long it is left to mature, it can have patches of yellowy mould on it. It is mild, pleasant and delicate to the taste, with hints of beer.

4-month signature Raclette


In Switzerland, from where the Raclette dish hails, Fromi’s team has worked alongside the Moléson cheese dairy and come up with a fruity, superior-quality raclette cheese that they will be exhibiting alongside their famous Bagnes 98 cheese. After several months of work, they have finally decided that it needs to be matured for four months to give it its different taste, but without being too strong.



  • Michael Bellisson – Cheese retailer Fromagerie Bellisson
  • Didier Bossu – Cheese retailer Les Folies Fermières
  • Samuel Bourdin – Manager of the “La cité du lait” store
  • Camille Brossard – Cheese retailer Fromagerie Beaufils
    Specialist blogger – Iconocheese
  • Anne-Sophie Carrio – Teacher Lycée Hôtelier Belliard
  • Jonathan Deitch – Specialist blogger M Fromage
  • Elodie Dorléac – Purchase Product Manager Pomona
  • Alexandre Jolly – Teacher Lycée Hôtelier Belliard
  • Sara Lacomba – Cheese producer Ottanta
  • Marco Lubrano – La Louve cooperative
  • Claude Maret – President of the Fédération Française des Fromagers
  • Jérémy Platini – Cheese retailer Fromagerie Platini
  • Elio Ragazzoni – Trainer ONAF (Italy)
  • Alexandre Renault – Cheese retailer COW Cheese(s) of the World
  • Evert Schönhage – Cheese retailer Burgundisch Lifestyle (Netherlands)
  • Claire Sicard – Specialist blogger Les Fromages de Clairette
  • Susan Sturman – Trainer Académie Mons (US)

For its second edition, the Coups de Coeur Competition was hosted at the Lycée Hotelier Belliard training centre in Paris' 18th arrondissement. In addition to learning about practical aspects of serving cheeses, pupils were able to attend a lesson on cheeses for restaurants given by Xavier Thuret, a master cheese-maker


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