Lyre d'Or Competition

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The Lyre d’Or Competition organised by the Ile-de-France union of cheesemongers will take place on Sunday 26th February from 1 pm to 5 pm. 

An unmissable event at the show! The 6th edition of this competition will start at 1 PM on Monday 26 February and will pit 16 contestants against one another with a highly original theme: weddings! This competition will reward the expertise of cheese-dairy professionals in coming up with and producing a cheese platter.

Although know-how is important, candidates must also remember to comply with rules on hygiene and creativity. The judges will enjoy contemplating the whole range of expertise of cheese/dairy professionals. Technique and the ability to keep in mind the nature of the situation for which the platter is to be produced are extremely important. They will be judged on the choice and quality of the cheeses, technique, aesthetics, their juxtaposition of cheeses and hygiene.

The list of contestants will be revealed at the end of January.