Lyre d'Or Competition

The 6th edition of the contest of the most beautiful cheese plate was held Monday, February 24 in the Events Area of the Cheese and Dairy Products Show.

Within the framework of the Lyre d'Or, the candidates had to prepare a presentation responding to the imposed situation «ALL RAW PLATE», following the theme «All Raw». To do so, candidates used their creativity and their sense of direction. A serving plate for a guest has also been requested.

Run of the Event

Begins at 13:15 and ends at 15.

Jury deliberation : 15h - 17h .

Awards ceremony : 17 h -17 h 30

The trophies:
  • 1st  : Golden Lyre
  • 2nd : Silver Lyre
  • 3rd   : Bronze Lyre
  • The Influencer Trophy: Selection of the most beautiful plate by a jury of influencers
  • The "3 Rabelais" of the Young Talent given to the best candidates under the age of 26 who are invited to a major Grand Rex ceremony hosted by the CGAD in September to highlight young talent in the food trade.

The jury have notes the plates according to the following criteria :

  • Respect of the theme
  • Control, refinement of cuts, limitation/management of loss
  • Aesthetics of the presentation
  • Mastery of hygiene

Candidates selected on file:

  • Velma JAMBOIS-DAVAL: Androuet, Paris
  • Yann CAUCHY: Fromagerie Boursault, Paris
  • David MARRANT: Crèmerie des Grands Buffet, Narbonne
  • Jean LEPROUX: Fromagerie Beillevaire, Paris
  • Sabrina GLENAUD: Véro - Crèmes et Fromages, Vannes
  • François BUAN: Chez Fanch, Rennes
  • Aurélie DROUART: Le Cours des Halles, Portet-sur-Garonne
  • Quentin RENIER: Les Fromages du Moulin, La-Croix-en-Touraine
  • Julien VAQUÉ: Fromagerie Langlais-Hardouin, Paris
  • Lucas BANAS: Maison du Fromage, Nevers
  • Alexandre BELLERY: Maison Servat, Gujan-Mestras
  • Alice BASSE: L'Ami Fromager, Bondues
  • Anthony GAULTIER: La Fromagerie Jean-Yves Bordier, Rennes
  • Clément ROUZEAU: Crèmerie du Couserans, Saint-Girons
  • Aude FOUILLEUL: Le Trou de Souris, Besançon
  • Stéphanie GOMIS: Fromagerie Max Sena, Fronton

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