Our tools to boost your visibility!

Maximise your visibility and boost visits to your stand with our communication kit. 

As a major professional event, the Cheese and Dairy Products Show has built a solid international reputation as the sector's leading show, with more than 7.600 professional visitors. Choose the communication tools adapted to your image and your budget: 

1. Accompany the visitors during their visit

  • 8.500 visitors = 8.500 opportunities to spread your message! 

Ad in the catalogue, logo on the map, sampling at the entrance... 

2.  Be displayed at the show 

  • 45% of our visitors stay the whole day or more at the show : many occasions to catch their attention.  

Logo on the aisles identification letters, stickers at the entrance doors... Read all the details and prices.

3.  Put on a performance 

  • Get an extra space to present your products to a captive audience.

Dedicated workshop, event on your stand... Read all the details and prices.

4. Use our digital strength

  • An audience of more than 89.000 people on the social media during the show!  

Banner on the website, banner on the newsletter, post on the social media, logo on the exhibitors' list... Read all the details and prices.

  • 8.500 visitors ask for their badge before the show  

Sponsoring of visitors' badges, banner on the confirmation mail, badge-holder cord... Read all the details and prices.

5. Made-to-measure 

Let's create together a made-to-measure visibility that match your objectives, targets and expectations.

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