Why exhibit?

You want:

- to meet French and foreign targeted-visitors

- to reinforce your relationships with your customers

- to find new contacts

- to enhance your reputation

Exhibit on the meeting place for professionals in the cheese and dairy products industry and its comprehensive offer

6 good reasons to exhibit to the Cheese and Dairy Products Show





#1 - Participate in the world's only specialist show in its field

  • In Paris with its international influence
  • This show has been created in 1991
  • Organised in partnership with the industry

#2 – Develop trade meetings with 7,644buyers from all around the world

  • 90% of visitors see this as the key event for the cheese and dairy industry
  • 17% of visitors are international from 50 countries
  • A friendly atmosphere that makes for good customer relations

#3 - Boost your sales

  • 76% of visitors are buyers
  • An average of 71 business contacts, 35% of them new (over 4 days)
  • 71% of exhibitors tell that they have an additional turnover after the show


#4 - Launch or test new products

  • 57% of visitors are looking for new products/suppliers
  • 34% of exhibitors exhibited new products


#5 - Enjoy outstanding coverage in both sector and consumer media

  • Almost 120 journalists and bloggers visited the show in 2016: +20% vs 2014
  • More than 300 articles - 62% in consumer media and 18 tv slots
  • One out of 4 articles talk about exhibitors and their products

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