Trends 2022 - Italian cheeses

Previewing 5 special products at the cheese and dairy products show.

The Cheese and Dairy Products Show is back for its 17th edition from Sunday 27 February to Wednesday 2 March 2022 in Paris.  And while France is the land of cheese par excellence, the Cheese and Dairy Products show has always been keen to promote foreign cheeses.  In 2022, the event will showcase Italian cheeses and dairy products.  Everyone knows mozzarella, pecorino or parmigiano reggiano, but here is a preview of 5 as yet little-known Italian gems to discover at the show, and soon on cheesemongers' shelves all over France.

With 400 cheeses including 50 PDO and 2 IPG, Italy's cheese reputation is well established. The French love Italian products, as evidenced by the results of a survey carried out by the Cheese and Dairy Product Show in November 2021, with 126 cheesemongers.


Its special feature?  A thin rind, covered with tonka bean powder then immersed for several days in a very fine Vermouth.  In the mouth, this makes for a very surprising signature.  This novelty is one of the 12 products voted 'Coups de Coeur' - Favourites - at the 2022 Cheese and Dairy Products Show.


When two dairy traditions come together, it creates a delicious, one-of-a-kind cheese, cheesella.  It's the product of buffalo milk mozzarella wrapped in a rich, stringy paste of cow's milk caciocavallo.


Handmade in Bergamo, it is one of the rare buffalo milk cheeses with a bloomy rind and a short maturing period.  The edible rind is delicately creamy with a subtle flavour.  On the palate, the flavours are delicate and unctuous, echoing the richness of buffalo milk.


This raw milk cheese delivers unparalleled creaminess!  Delicious on its own, it also works perfectly in recipes: risotto, gnocchi, polenta...


Made with pasteurised cow's milk and matured for 12 months, San Pietro is a very creamy cheese thanks to the beeswax that covers its rind. This gives it good moisture and a silky texture in the mouth, with subtle notes of vanilla and honey.

Italy, the 'other' land of quality cheeses

Even if mozzarella was a popular cheese in 2021 for the French, it is not the most sought-after Italian cheese! Lovers of quality cheeses prefer Parmigiano Reggiano PDO or Gorgonzola PDO, very well-known cheeses that are full of character.

Alongside the great Italian cheeses, cheesemongers also stock many atypical products that are not well known by the general public.

For example, Moliterno, a ewe's milk cheese with truffles added during ageing; Taleggio PDO, a cow's milk cheese with a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth paste; or the 'cremeux de bufflonne' a unique cheese whose taste is similar to mozzarella but with a comparable texture to a chaource. All these cheeses are out to conquer the hearts of the French.

List of Italian exhibitors as of 2 February 2022

  • Arrigoni Battista: cheese producer and distributor
  • Azienda Agricola Grana d’Oro: cheese producer
  • Bassi Gorgozola: cheese producer
  • Busti Formaggi: cheese producer
  • Caseificio Pier Luigi Rosso srl : cheese producer
  • Caseificio Taddei: producer and refiner of artisanal cheeses from Bergamo
  • Caseificio Tamburro : cheese producer
  • Castagna Piccoli Piaceri di Montagna: refiner and producer of Italian cheeses
  • Consorzio del formaggio parmigiano reggiano:  parmigiano reggiano consortium
  • ConsorzioGourm.It: a consortium of companies from the agri-food sector
  • G Cravero SAS: refiner of Parmigiano Reggiano
  • La Casearia Carpenedo: cheese producer and trader
  • Latteria Soligo: producer of Italian cheeses and dairy products
  • Lavialattea: goat producer
  • Luigi Guffanti Formaggi 1876: cheese refiner and exporter
  • Panificio Malafronte: producer of bakery products
  • Perenzin Latteria snc: producer of Italian milk and cheese
  • Quattro Portoni: producer of buffalo milk cheeses
  • Selezione Alimentare Italia: distributor of Italian cheeses, cold cuts and other specialties
  • Totem Food srl
  • Valsana SRL: cheese selector and distributor

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