Brasseurs de France

Fondé en 1878, Brasseurs de France, syndicat professionnel de la brasserie française, représente plus de 98 % de la production française de bière et a parmi ses membres 98 % de PME/TPE.

Le syndicat fédère les brasseries artisanales, indépendantes, historiques, familiales et internationales qui génèrent plus de 4.1 milliards d’euros de chiffre d’affaires (chiffres 2019).

Centre de Formation des Produits Laitiers

The CFPL is run by the Federation of Fromagers de France. Recognized by the profession, it is a center of excellence in the knowledge of cheese which combines theoretical training with practice, through the know-how of expert speakers in the field.

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The cheeses, butters and creams AOP guarantee quality food, typical, elaborated in the respect of the environment and animal welfare. They come from dynamic sectors and help to maintain jobs in rural areas, particularly disadvantaged agricultural areas (mountain, piedmont, intermediate areas, etc.).

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The Dairy Interprofession - CNIEL was created in 1973 by producers and processors. The Cniel has two main objectives: to facilitate relations between producers and processors in the dairy sector and to promote the image of milk and dairy products. Its fundamental mission is to organize the dairy economy in a coherent manner to promote the economic development of the sector.

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The ENIL of Besançon Mamirolle and the ENILBIO of Poligny are public schools renowned since 1888 for their scientific, professional, technical and practical training in Food Science, Cheese and Dairy Products, Laboratory and Quality Analysis and  Water Control and Management. 

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Fédaration des Fromagers de France

The "Fédération des Fromagers de France" is the professional organization which represents French cheese-mongers. 

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Guilde des fromagers

La Guilde des Fromagers role is to federate the entire dairy sector, at any level. Founded in 1969, it has 7,400 members in 2020, both in France, Europe and abroad, it's open to professional cheese makers, producers, processors, refiners, commercial, cheese retailers.

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Monthly magazine specialized in the food retail industry. 

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Profession Fromager

Profession Fromager, traditional cheese magazine for professionals.

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