Partners in 2020

Centre de Formation des Produits Laitiers

The CFPL is run by the Federation of Fromagers de France. Recognized by the profession, it is a center of excellence in the knowledge of cheese which combines theoretical training with practice, through the know-how of expert speakers in the field.

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Fédaration des Fromagers de France

The "Fédération des Fromagers de France" is the professional organization which represents French cheese-mongers. 

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The ENIL of Besançon Mamirolle and the ENILBIO of Poligny are public schools renowned since 1888 for their scientific, professional, technical and practical training in Food Science, Cheese and Dairy Products, Laboratory and Quality Analysis and  Water Control and Management. 

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Monthly magazine specialized in the food retail industry. 

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Profession Fromager

Profession Fromager, traditional cheese magazine for professionals.

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L’ANFOPEIL is an association bringing together dairy processing (FNIL and FNCL), the National Schools of Dairy Industry (ENIL), their friends of former students and ACTALIA.

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Auvergnat de Paris

The newspaper L’Auvergnat de Paris is the oldest professional weekly in France still in operation. The brand is the essential reference for seated catering professionals.

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Rungis Actualités

Rungis Actualités is the most widely distributed professional title for traders and restaurateurs, particularly in Ile-de-France. It is the monthly reference for the fresh produce and haute cuisine sector.

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Revue des Comptoirs

Founded in 1996, the Revue des Comptoirs aims to be the benchmark magazine for restaurant entrepreneurs.

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Points de Vente

The magazine of distribution and trade.

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