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A unique experience all about taste and authenticity! Next Cheese and Dairy Products Show: 27 February to 2nd March 2022 - Paris expo Porte de Versailles (France)

  •  Carrefour Belgium >> The leading event for industry professionals and cheese experts – a smorgasbord of expertise – to be spread liberally.
  • C&E GASTRO IMPORT (Denmark)>> I meet many of our suppliers, as well as colleagues from all over the world.
  • La Cloche à Fromages (France) >> A very interesting trade-show for industry professionals (at whom it is aimed), but one which is still friendly with opportunities to meet many varied partners. The show was an opportunity to talk to some of our suppliers, meet others and discuss our shared passion.
  • Système U (France) >> Useful for finding out about new trends. It's a way to meet suppliers in a relaxed environment and discover new products.
  • La Fromagerie de Montfort (France)>> It's a fantastic forum for meeting true cheese professionals. Products are within easy reach and all of these professionals are on hand. A gentle stroll!
  • Esprit Vigneron (France) >> The show's wealth and the fact that it is not open to non-professionals make for ideal working conditions. For me the most important aspect is being able to discover new cheeses – both from France and overseas.
  • Androuet (France)>> To find new products for one's own store, so customers can enjoy something new. To talk to producers and suppliers.
  • Clarke Gemini intl. ltd (United Kingdom) >> It enabled me to quickly build up contacts within the French cheese sector, as this is primarily a French show focusing on French products.
  • Formaggion Kitchen (USA) >> Not only do I get to taste a lot of cheese, I also have the opportunity to visit makers, refiners and those who are intimately involved with the cheese sector. I also get to see trends in real time.

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